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Responding to Behaviorism Essay

In his article “ The Nature of Mind” David Armstrong starts out with showing that Behaviorism is an implausible account of the nature of mind. In his account of Behaviorism the behavior and the mind are one and causally inseparable (Armstrong 297). The mind and behavior are identical so the mind is not merely the cause of behavior but rather it is the behavior. To be more specific, Armstrong posits that Behaviorists regard the mind to be an array of behavior; one cannot speak of a mind in the absence of behavior.


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The main objection that Armstrong has to the Behaviorists’ account of mind is that there can exist and there actually exists thought without behavior (Armstrong 298); behavior is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for thought or the mind.

Ryle attempts to address this objection by bringing in the notion of a disposition to behave i.e. a latent state that will cause behavior once the right conditions and circumstances are met. The concept of disposition to behave, however, fails to address the problem with the Behaviorists’ account of the mind as the dispositions are merely analyses of mental states into conditional statements of what one’s behavior would be under the right circumstances.

Behaviorism is a reductionist view of the mental process as it views all mental processes as equivalent to behavior yet there are mental processes that cannot be explained from the perspective of the Behaviorists e.g. the taste of chocolate. Such a rudimentary mental process cannot be conveyed using the Behaviorists’ account of a mental process yet it is a legitimate mental process (Block 262). This inability to explain simple and irreducible mental processes is a major weakness of the Behaviorists’ account of the mind.

The other major weakness of Behaviorism is its failure to account for consciousness. Behaviorism relies on an expressed or outward account of mental processes and as such fails to give an accurate deduction of the mind (Fodor 56).

Introspection and self-awareness are examples of mental processes which are essential to human beings that cannot be accounted for using Behaviorism as there is no possible way to translate the two into behavior or dispositions to behave .

Given these shortcomings, Behaviorism is a weak and objectionable account of the mind.


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Works Cited

Armstrong, Martin. A Materialist Theory of the Mind . London: Routledge, 1968. Print.

Block, Ned. Are Absent Qualia Impossible? The Philosophical Review, 89 (1980): 257 -274.

Fodor, Jerry. The Mind Doesn’t Work that Way . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2000. Print.

“Will” Theory in the Modern Context Report (Assessment)- by EduBirdie

The role of psychology grows, as human civilization develops: new researches are conducted, and new psychological areas of a human being are investigated. More and more people search for application of theoretical knowledge on psychology into working sphere of people’s life.

Assessment on “Will” Theory in the Modern Context

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Each employer is interested in his staff’s motivations and will on a workplace, because it reflects on productivity and personal satisfaction of the employee himself. The psychological phenomenon of will inspired this paper. It focuses on “will” motivation theory, and its application in the modern context. The aim reviews of this paper is to reveal the nature of will theory, and to show that it is applicable to workplace situations. What is the will? How the “will” theory can be applied in the world of business?

Since XVII century, the phenomenon of will was discussed one way or another. Descartes formulated his understanding of “will’ theory that may be expressed in the following key concept: the will motivates all action. In XX century, there appeared other concepts of this theory. Proceeding from the “will” theory of some researches, any act is predicted by striving-creating impulses; owing to will, a person decides whether to act or not. In his book, James (2007) formulates the phenomenon of the will:

“Desire, wish, will, are states of mind which everyone knows, and which no definition can make plainer. We desire to feel, to have, to do, all sorts of things which at the moment are not felt, had, or done. If with the desire there goes a sense that attainment is not possible, we simply wish” (James, 2007, p. 486).

Although, the will has a passive nature, it stimulates a person, because the will is “capacity to arouse active impulses” (James, 2007, p. 300). Nevertheless, the roots of will should be found in motivation.

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According to Gleitman (1981), “motives have a dual function” (Gleitman, 1981, p. 55). They “direct behavior” and, in the same time, “mobilize the organism so that its behavior will be more aroused and energetic” (Gleitman, 1981, p. 55). Motives can produce either positive or negative feedback.

The positive feedback “strengthens the very response that produced it. The result is an ever-increasing level of activity” (Gleitman, 1981, p. 57). The negative feedback stops the action, responding to external stimuli; it happens, owing to self-regulation. However, as psychology developed, the problem of motivations in the context of human daily life was not popular.

Psychology ?

According to Reeve (2005), this field was stagnant almost 20 years, but in the 90s, the situation changed. There emerged new creative theories about application of motivation to every-day life:

“All this activity produced an enormous amount of new knowledge, and these advances opened up new areas of application in the home, at work, during sports and exercise, and in caring for people’s health and well being” (Reeve, 2005, p. 3).

Consequently, the author sees the topicality of the problem, and is concerned with its practical application. Reeve states that motivation includes strivings, desires, wants, aspirations”; the author’s book is intended to answer two crucial questions: “why we want what we want” and “why we do what we do” (Reeve, 2005, p. 3). There are some key points that should be useful for the solving of the stated problem.

Analyzing different drive theories, the author reveals the sources of motivations: internal motives (needs, cognitions, emotions) and external events that influence the expression of motivations (Reeve, 2005). In the book, one can read that person’s motivations can be expressed in behavior, physiology, and self-report. The author thinks that motives benefit person’s adaptation; direct his/her attention; vary over time and influence the stream of behavior.

Also, the author stresses that “motivation study reveals what people want” (Reeve, 2005, p. 15). It is time to answer the questions: “What is a motive?” The author answers: “a motive is an internal process that energizes and directs behavior”. Thus, motives presuppose certain actions, and person’s behavior.

In the context of work, motives help to accomplish one’s goal and satisfy a person with a well-done job. There are both internal and external factors that form the person’s motivations.

For example, a woman wants to start-up her own business, because she is stimulated by different factors: economic necessity, need for independence, the desire to be own boss, personal and professional achievements, etc. Often, the will is not enough to achieve the goal; there are many challenges on the way to success. One example can be illustrated for demonstration of female motivations and barriers in business start-up. writers

Everyone can imagine a woman with two children and a husband with low income. She wanted to start up her own business with the help of a bank, but in the end, she was dissatisfied with bank-services as her family was financially unreliable payer. She had obvious motivation: lack of money to provide sufficiently her large family (4 people). In addition, she wanted to build self-esteem, and felt safety.

She addressed to her friend who helped her to organize her own small business based on plastic details production. Patronizing attitudes from male dominant staff and inconsistent support, she was about to fail. Time passed, and she managed to provide her family with the necessary money Overview.

She hired her husband, and the situation started changing as her enterprise increased its capital and financial resources. Business world made her stronger, and more independent. She was her own boss, and her own business success. She coped with many problems, and found strengths to move ahead regardless of challenges and hard times. Owing to the woman’s flexibility and positive thinking she achieved her goal.

There is an other example that can illustrate employer’s behavior, directed for the benefit of the staff. One can imagine a boss who wants to increase the rating of the company. Each employer is interested in his/her company success that would turn a profit.

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A good boss knows that satisfied and productive staff can contribute to the company success. Why is it so essential to know motivational strategies? Only positive motivation, not manipulation, can lead to desired effect. Sooner or later, a person would feel that he/she is manipulated, and it would have a negative influence, and lead to disagreements, resignation, low working efficiency, etc.

Positive motivations, which lead to voluntary actions, have another effect. An employee can be positively motivated by different factors: high salary and posts, social status, reliable reputation, etc. Favorable working conditions (friendly and credible team, proper workplace, benefits and others) can help a boss to change the situation for the benefit of his company. This manner, external motivation is provided. Internal motivation is a more complicated phenomenon.

How the employee’s will can be stimulated? A boss should treat the staff well: appreciate its knowledge and hard work, reward the working efficiency with corresponding salary and benefits, maintain a favorable working atmosphere, and look attentively after the team to see a possible problem in time.

If all rules are followed, an employee would have a strong will to work, because the work, for him/her, has a positive feedback that reflects the company welfare and success. As a result, a person is considered as a productive and satisfied employee.

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Proceeding from everything mentioned above, some conclusions can be made. Will is inseparable from motivation. Motivation is characterized by certain voluntary actions or their absence. A motivated person pursues a certain goal in his/her actions, and usually, directed to the positive feedback.

The “will” theory is surely applicable in the modern context. Employers elaborate new motivational strategies; their concern about improvement of staff management is evident. Both external and internal factors play the role in satisfaction and productivity of employees. The main task for managers, is to direct the employee’s work in highly motivated stream with positive feedback.


Gleitman, H. (1981). Motivation. In W.W. Norton and Company, Psychology (Gleitman, 1981) (pp. 55-95). New York, NY: University of Pennsylvania. Print.

James, W. (2007). The Principles of Psychology (Vol.2). New York, NY: Cosimo. Print.

Reeve, J. (2005). Understanding Motivation and Emotion (4 th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Print.

“The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant Essay- by EduBirdie

Table of Contents


Deceptiveness of appearance


Works Cited

Essay on “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant

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Written by Guy de Maupassant in 1881, The Necklace is a captivating short story that ends in a surprise. It is the most eye-catching work of Maupassant with all words contributing to the events that the narrative unfolds. It has garnered him a lot of acknowledgment.

The tale is set in Paris, France specifically covering Loisel’s home and the neighborhoods, ministry of education inclusive. Employing the elements of literature, Maupassant has used characters like monsieur Loisel, a clerk in the ministry of education, Mathilde, Loisel’s wife, Madame Jeanne Forestier, Mathilde’s neighbor and friend, Housemaid, Mathilde’s house servant, among others.

The writer takes the reader through the life of these characters and in particular, australian edubirdie review the poor family of Loisel and the rich family of Forestier. It unfolds that the kind of life depicted by these two categories of people is far from the reality. This illustration builds up the prevailing theme of the narrative ‘the deceptiveness of appearance’, which the writer employs to show how people are deceived by the appearance of others.

Deceptiveness of appearance

Mathilde is a reasonably attractive girl regardless of her unfortunate family backgrounds. She regrets much owing to this poverty because she always compares herself with the other girls from well up homes. For instance, Forestier’s family is rich. She gets married to a mere government clerk. The ministry of education organizes a party for all its staff members, giving them a chance to invite their wives or husbands.

Ironically, thinking that this would thrill his wife, Loisel on delivering the invitation, realizes that it is more of a stress than joy to her. “Instead of being delighted, she threw the invitation on the table with disdain murmuring…” (Maupassant 39). The reason behind this is that she lacks elegant dresses and necklaces like other women, a case that makes her imagine how odd she can be if she attends the occasion.

They end up borrowing these from Forestier, but unfortunately the necklace gets lost after the event, an incidence that costs Loisel’s family virtually everything as they toil for ten years looking the money to purchase another one. They finally buy 36000 francs worthy necklace but on returning it to Forestier; she reveals its cost as just 500 francs. They are now in a severe financial crisis, though had they realized the truth, this would not be the case.

A major problem that the writer fails to clarify is whether Forestier resells the necklace to refund the extra money in order to reduce the debt incurred or not. This paves way to criticisms of his story, though he has managed to develop the dominant theme of the story. Mathilde stands out in the party as a rich and a high class wife owing to the diamond-appearing necklace that the people fail to realize that it was borrowed.

Literature ?

Still on this theme, Forestier’s family is depicted as financially stable. It can afford some of the expensive things that poor families imagine of. Forestier has, not only one but many of them, unlike her counterpart Mathilde.

She wears them when attending great occasions, a case that earns her a good deal of recognition from other people. This is what Mathilde is yearning for. She wants to appear like her friend. She wants people to view her as rich. The writer shows how she longs for a recognized family name as well as an expensive dowry. By this she feels that she will appear like other rich families.

She is pictured as one, who is ever working towards achieving this reality, though what she publicizes is not what is on the ground. For instance, in the party, she appears the most elegant, a situation that makes all people want to chat with her, owing to what they are seeing, an expensive looking dress and a diamond necklace, but little do they know about the truth of the matter.

Following the issue behind Forestier’s necklace, it stands out that it is not made of diamond as people perceive. Though what appears in their eyes is the diamond look on the necklace, the story ends when Forestier reveals that it is just a mere coating. To strengthen his theme, the writer wants to show how the rich end up deceiving other people through their possessions.

Most of them appear costly before the eyes of people but rarely are they in their real senses. The value attached to some items, owing to their appearance, turns out to be many times different from their real values. For instance, the necklace appears 72 times expensive. The writer succeeds in showing how people mistake the rich people.

They have been portrayed as just appearing as if they are rich, which is not the case. Worthy noting is that the writer does not clarify about the child who appears to walk with Forestier. It is not clear whether he is intending to elaborate his theme further by introducing images of people who are not real characters, or not. This again welcomes criticisms to his works.


Though dead and forgotten, Maupassant works speak volumes of his existence. The ideas behind his Necklace narrative stands out clear today. The issue of appearance is now everywhere with people struggling to hide their real selves in order to mislead others. Items have been manufactured bearing a false identity of others only to trick people. This is the kind of life that the writer was prophesying through the use of his major theme ‘the deceptiveness of appearance’ that he develops through the different characters.

Works Cited

Maupassant, Guy. “The Necklace” France: Word Press, 1881. P. 38-44.

GoKasten Nederland Online Review How to Use the Experience to Improve Your Odds in the Casino170

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GoKasten Nederland Online Review – How to Use the Experience to Improve Your Odds in the Casino

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It was formed to provide an unbiased review of the best online casinos in Nederland. Most of the reviews here are based on real-time statistics collected by the team. This helps players see the trends in the casino industry. For example, players who win a lot often get tired of playing and quit before they reach the bankroll limits imposed by the website. This is one of the many things you can do to improve your odds in the casino. The casino could easily prevent this from happening by making their jackpot prizes bigger. Therefore, as a player you should be aware of the online casinos that offer the highest possible jackpot prizes.

The review team spent a lot of time to compare the results of several players and their habits as well. This means that their predictions are not completely made up. Hence, you should take advantage of their advice when you sign up for free membership in this casino.

“The Sense of Anti Rationalism” by Carr Karen and Philip Ivanhoe Critical Essay- by EduBirdie

Anti-rationalism is a principle supported by most people who disagree with the idea of religion. In a nutshell, The Sense of Antirationalsm is an exemplary work of literature that gives the study of comparative religious studies a new approach.

Critical Writing on “The Sense of Anti Rationalism” by Carr Karen and Philip Ivanhoe

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This book compares the philosophy of religion with competing traditions to promote the notion of Antirationalsm. This book presents methods that can be used in comparative religious studies as well as creating a better understanding of the religious philosophy of the Chinese people.

It is clearly shown in the book that religions are all geared towards satisfying a similar human need. This makes all religions to have some similarities in their mode of conduct as well as in their forms of beliefs.

According to the authors, all religions have similar array of functions. However, the same similarities provide the greatest points of differences among religions. The author’s argue that although there may be visible similarities between two or more religions, if critically analyzed these similarities will depict the differences in beliefs.

However, as if it was meant intentionally to create a vague argument, the authors have not provided or outlined a specific definition of religion so that the audience can understand their argument. The discussion in the book is not clear because it lacks an apparent working definition of the subject.

The subject of religion and antinationalism cannot be fully interrogated without a specific clarity on the terminologies used in the book. Clarity enhances the readers’ understanding in general hence helping them to form an opinion.

Zhuangzi and Kierkegaard antirationalists’ ideologies are highly dependent on the extent of the readers’ understanding of the word religion. There is also a paradox of ideas in the book. The book acknowledges that there is a great danger in comparing traditions that have almost the same beliefs with regard to religion.

Philosophy ?

However, the authors do not seem to mind when a comparison between two traditions which are significantly different. The inconsistency develops in the sense that all traditions must be different. However, the authors make a good case when they argue that different traditions can have similarities and these similarities are the characteristics that qualify them to be religions.

This argument has held a lot of weight in terms of defining religion. In order to qualify a tradition as a religious activity, there must be a common definition of what a religious activity entails. From that point, the authors are justified to assert that the similarities in the traditions of religions make them different when analyzed extensively.

There are shared features between religious traditions because all religions share their specific functions and the range of needs met are similar. The authors explore the shortcomings and inconsistencies of the senseless attachment to conventional forms of norms.

Kierkegaard argues that the Christian form of religion should be reintroduced because currently its followers are only honorary. He argues that Christians follow their religious path as a result of a seductive promise of comfort from the prevailing earthly problems.

Carr Karen and Philip Ivanhoe have introduced the book by criticizing its methodology of refuting the viability of realistic aspects of religious beliefs. According to them, the explanation given to show that realism cannot qualify as a religious setting does not suffice. However, both arguments are points of debate from all perspectives.


Online Casino Games and Their Popularity

Online casinos are great ways to gamble on different games of poker. Many casinos that offer online gaming have been around for many years. There are numerous different kinds of casino games available for you to play and there are also many different casino websites offering online casinos. Whether you are a new player or an old pro, it is possible to find the right game to play online. Most online casinos offer various kinds of games in terms of games of the casino and in addition there are also games that do not fall into the categories of casinos. But when it comes to the online casino games there are a few that you should look for.

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Torsten Sachs / © Nataliya Riedel

Torsten Sachs – Die Wiederbewässerung von Mooren

Torsten Sachs und sein Team am Deutschen GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) erforschen mit verschiedenen Methoden den Treibhausgasaustausch zwischen der Atmosphäre und wiedervernässten Mooren in der Nähe von Rostock und Dargun.

Bereits im 18. Jahrhundert begann man damit, Moorgebiete trockenzulegen, um auf diese Weise fruchtbare Landflächen für den Ackerbau zu gewinnen. Im Laufe der Zeit stellte man jedoch fest, dass die Trockenlegung zu einem erhöhten Ausstoß schädlicher Treibhausgase führt. Mittlerweile weiß man, dass intakte Moorgebiete nicht nur große Mengen von Kohlenstoff in Form von Torf speichern, bei dessen Entstehung der Atmosphäre Treibhausgase entzogen werden, sondern auch eine kühlende Wirkung auf das Klima haben.
Deshalb versucht man nun die trockengelegten Moore wieder mit Wasser zu versorgen. Damit stellt sich eine natürliche Moorvegetation und so auch das Torfwachstum wieder ein. In den ersten Jahren hat dies jedoch den Nachteil, dass durch die Zersetzung von abgestorbenen Pflanzen Methan produziert wird. Methan zählt ebenso wie Kohlendioxid zu den wichtigsten Treibhausgasen.

Bisher ist unklar, wann die Emission von Methan zurückgeht und die CO2-Aufnahme durch die Moore deren Treibhausbilanz wieder dominiert. Auf lange Sicht gesehen, ist das freigesetzte Methan jedoch zu vernachlässigen, da im Vergleich mehr CO2 von den Mooren aufgenommen werden könnten. Dabei würde das freigesetzte Methan nicht ins Gewicht fallen.

Javid Sarasof / © Nataliya Riedel

Der Einfluss der Ozeane auf den Klimawandel

Es gibt viele verschiedene natürliche Prozesse, die einen großen Einfluss auf den Klimawandel haben, wie etwa den Treibhauseffekt oder die Erderwärmung. Doch eins haben all diese Prozesse gemeinsam. Sie sind eng mit den Eigenschaften der Meere verbunden. Meerwasser ist in der Lage, durch den Wind und die Wellenbewegungen atmosphärische Gase zu speichern, wobei die Kapazität für CO2, ein Treibhausgas, enorm ist. Die Speicherung des Kohlenstoffdioxids wird als eine der Hauptursachen für  die Verminderung der Erderwärmung angesehen. Abteilungen der Universitäten in Rostock und Aserbaidschan forschen schon seit Jahren um die komplexen Zusammenhänge besser verstehen zu können.

Javid Sarasof und Catalina / © Nataliya Riedel

Javid Sarasof erläutert REKLIM-Bloggerin Catalina Grobe Fernandes seine Arbeit. / © Nataliya Riedel

Javid Sarasof ist am Lehrstuhl für Technische Thermodynamik an der Universität in Rostock tätig und befasst sich mit den thermodynamischen Eigenschaften von Meerwasser.
Für seine Arbeit werden als erstes die Salzgehälter verschiedenster Wasserproben geprüft. Dafür wird Wasser in unterschiedlichen Regionen der Ozeane entnommen und in kleinen Flaschen gesammelt. Man versucht, so viele Regionen wie möglich abzudecken, um später ein genaueres Bild der Ozeane zu bekommen.

Diese Proben werden von Javid Sarasof untersucht, um das Wasser und seine Eigenschaften zu bestimmen. Hier werden zum Beispiel die Dichte, die Kompressibilität des Sauerstoffs und andere chemisch wichtige Größen, wie auch die Gefrier- und die Siedepunkte ermittelt.

Die Ergebnisse dieser Untersuchungen werden mathematisch verrechnet und mittels Grafiken und Tabellen dargestellt und verglichen. Im Austausch mit anderen Forschern hilft dies nicht nur bei der Beobachtung sondern auch bei der Interpretation der sich verändernden Ozeane und deren Auswirkungen auf das Klima.

Arctic Change

Klimawandel,  der Meeresspiegel steigt an, die Pole schmelzen! – Das haben wir alle schon mal gehört. Aber was heißt das für uns? Klar, ist die Umwelt wichtig und jeder sollte etwas für die Welt tun, aber mal ehrlich: Ist die Arktis nicht sehr weit weg und die Antarktis sogar noch weiter? 

Kurzum: Ja, das stimmt. Jedoch muss da ein dickes fettes ABER hinzugefügt werden. Uns trennen zwar ca. 5.000 Kilometer Luftlinie vom Nordpol und sogar rund 15.000 Kilometer vom Südpol ABER: Die Polarregionen sind gar nicht mal so abwesend, wie manche vielleicht denken. Im Gegenteil! Wir nehmen sie täglich wahr. Manchmal regen wir uns sogar darüber auf. Zwar nicht bewusst als Endprodukt der Polarregionen aber dennoch, die Rede ist hier vom Wetter.
Wer kennt das nicht? Man schaut Nachrichten, man hört es im Radio oder liest es irgendwo vielleicht in der Zeitung oder hat eine App dafür. Das Wetter ist immer präsent. Doch wer weiß denn genau, wie das Ganze zu Stande kommt? Man lernt in der Schule, dass ein Tief- auf ein Hochdruckgebiet treffen muss, damit Wind, Regen oder Schnee entsteht. Aber wer weiß, dass Polarregionen Regulatoren und Treiber des Klimas sind?

Bildlich gesprochen kann man sogar sagen, dass die Polarregionen die Wetterküchen des Erdklimas sind. In diesen Regionen entstehen nämlich die großen Tiefdruckgebiete, die auf das gesamte Weltklima einwirken und damit Einfluss nehmen. Im unserem Fall, hier in Europa, fällt das in den Zuständigkeitsbereich des Nordpols.

Da stellt sich jedoch dann die Frage: Was passiert, wenn die Pole schmelzen?

Die Modelle des Alfred-Wegener-Instituts für Polar- und Meeresforschung zeigen, dass sich die Polarregionen in Zukunft viel stärker erwärmen werden, als der Rest der Welt. Sie werden dann im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zu „Hot Spots“ für die künftige Klimaentwicklung, so die Experten. Am naheliegensten ist: wenn die Polkappen schmelzen, dass der Meeresspiegel ansteigt undniedrig gelegene Regionen überschwemmt. Das betrifft nicht nur die Menschen, sondern Flora und Fauna gleichermaßen. Durch das Schmelzen der Gletscher steigt nicht nur der Meeresspiegel an, dadurch verändert sich auch die Konzentration des Salzgehaltes im gesamten Ozean. Auch die Tiefseeströmungen, die durch unterschiedliche Dichten von Wasser entstehen, wären betroffen. Der Golfstrom, der durch die verschiedenen Salzgehälter und Temperaturen erst Wassermassen der Ozeane miteinander vermischt, und auf diese Weise den Klimahaushalt im Gleichgewicht hält, kann dann in sich zusammen fallen.

Was kommt dann auf uns zu? Wie geht es weiter? Wie sind die Aussichten?
Fragen über Fragen, die gar nicht mal so einfach zu beantworten sind, denn selbst Experten auf dem Gebiet der Polar- und Meeresforschung sind sich da nicht einig. Dementsprechend sehen auch die Zukunftsszenarien alle sehr verschieden aus.